In 2016, I took my first formal step in demonstrating my HR skills.  This choice was informed by weighing three elements: professional interest, desired impact, and expertise utility.  These considerations led to beginning my CIPD Level 3 Diploma in HR Practice studies.

Opting for a remote learning approach, I found a reliable partner in DPG while living in Manchester.  The approach DPG championed allowed me to continue my professional aspirations in building a business as a co-founder in the e-commerce space and develop my HR expertise.

In the following months, my learning varied from online lessons, webinars, in-person group exercises, and assessments to reviewing case studies.  It allowed me to be independently assessed by an HR expert in becoming an Associate Member of the CIPD.

My qualification consisted of eight learning pathways:

1.  Developing Yourself as an Effective Human Resources Practitioner (DEP)

2.  Understanding Organisations and the Role of Human Resources (HRC)

3.  Recording, Analysing and Using Human Resources information (RAI)

4.  Resourcing Talent (RTO)

5.  Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employment Relations (MER)

6.  Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management (PRM)

7.  Supporting Change within Organisations (COR)

8.  Supporting Individual Learning Through Coaching and Mentoring (IMM)

On successful completion of all learning pathways, I demonstrated competency in the concepts and skills required to thrive in any HR department in the UK.  My takeaway was that HR skills are highly transferable and only earned through rigorous professionalisation, learning, and experience.  I learned how to fully understand the organisation you work with and the integral part HR plays in supporting organisations and people to thrive in the modern workplace.

This was a milestone achievement and the beginning of my HR career.

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