Highly experienced human resources professional with a strong background in managing employees and enforcing unbiased practices and legal compliance.  My duties included recruitment, training, development, wages, discipline, employee welfare, and documentation.  I also mediated organisational conflicts and resolved interpersonal issues.  Additionally, I designed and implemented training initiatives to improve employee skills and established communication channels between staff and management.  My other vital responsibilities included maintaining detailed employee records, organising training and development, adhering to health and safety regulations, and dealing with issues relating to pay.  My knowledge and critical learnings came from Psychology, Sociology, Human Resource Management, Commerce, Business Administration, Employment, Employment Law, Finance, and Administration.

Year 1 ~ 2018

  • Coordinated rota for +120 employees across seven rotas manually.
  • Conducted return-to-work interviews and explained procedures.
  • Created and maintained personnel files for signed documentation.
  • Documented working hours from clock-in cards for payroll.
  • Took notes for formal meetings led by the HR Manager.
  • Reported figures to National Statistics Quarterly Business Survey.
  • Managed resignation process, exit interviews, and employee retention.

Year 2 ~ 2019

  • Managed Brexit processes, including right-to-work scheme documentation.
  • Trained managers across sites on advanced computer skills.
  • Administered client database, reporting, and user management.
  • Held employee meetings on flexible working requests.
  • Conducted recruitment/selection and job advert creation
  • Implemented GDPR best practices and compliance across the site.
  • Coached new managers on processes, policies, and procedures.
  • Verified yearly annual leave entitlements.
  • Implemented performance management plans for employees.
  • Audited employee metrics for stakeholder meetings monthly.

Year 3 ~ 2020

  • Developed and implemented HR COVID processes.
  • Created and managed staff COVID-19 case and vaccination trackers.
  • Organised on-site vaccinations for employees.
  • Tracked and reported COVID-related needs/costs for the government.
  • Verified COVID cases and other related absences.
  • Led new manager training and culture change in a crisis.
  • Conducted investigations into alleged misconduct.
  • Managed shadowing experience for new starters.
  • Created employee statutory main terms and conditions.
  • Trained personnel in payroll management and compliance.
  • Negotiated with agencies, contract agreements, and invoice appraisal.

Year 4 ~ 2021/22

  • Promoted to HR Officer with expanded responsibilities and role.
  • Investigated all formal employee relations as a lead officer.
  • Investigated attendance issues and capability processes.
  • Digitised headcount and employee metrics management.
  • Developed a communication system to broadcast information.
  • Created Excel-powered HRIS to track pay, absences, and overtime.
  • Improved Excel-based solution with conditional formatting and formulas.
  • Reduced time spent to maintain employee metrics by 50%.
  • Deputised HR Manager role after the incumbent’s departure.
  • Advised stakeholders at other locations.
  • Implemented weekly manager coaching to optimise performance.
  • Managed all open ER cases and liaised with the external legal team.
  • Onboarded, coached, and trained new HR Manager in procedures.
  • Left to focus on MSc HRM studies.
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