Highly motivated and creative professional with extensive experience developing strategic ideas and proposals that made the business successful and increased revenue.  My expertise included executing expansion tactics and meeting fiscal targets, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of market trends and developments, related finances, networking with clients, presenting new proposals, negotiating, and making deals.  I developed excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills, as well as utilising SEO and developed a thorough knowledge of marketing techniques.  I also ensured that business goals were met promptly by efficiently and effectively managing resources.  My excellent multi-tasking, organisational, interpersonal, and leadership skills were developed over time.

Year 1 ~ 2014

  • Co-founded a B2B web development company for Magento users.
  • Acquired new clients in a business development capacity.
  • Managed client relationships, contracts, and invoices.
  • Authored company policies, including privacy and terms of service.
  • Became an expert in social media management and online advertising.

Year 2 ~ 2015

  • Managed bookkeeping via the accounting platform and liaised with HMRC.
  • Optimised client onboarding process and procedures.
  • Created and curated CRM to optimise client management.
  • Maintained client relationships with meetings and engagement.
  • Utilised social media to promote online presence and client attraction.

Year 3 ~ 2016

  • Devised and developed viral content side-project "ShareSaw".
  • Created and curated subreddit /r/HumanResourcesUK,+1.6k members.
  • Studied CIPD Level 3 Diploma to professionalise HR skills.
  • Led a direct marketing campaign for Magento businesses.

Year 4 ~ 2017

  • Finalised a large contract with an international beauty brand.
  • Pivoted to B2B contract work.
  • Achieved CIPD Level 3 Diploma and focused on HR job opportunities.
  • Closed business after co-founders accepted employment offers.
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