Via Coursera, the University of London created a six-week programme called "The Manager's Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work".  I enrolled in 08/2022 and completed all five assessments in 09-2022.  I studied this course for two reasons: (1) to provide evidence of work experience in people management with an accredited institute, and (2) to demonstrate a capability to study for a Master's in Human Resource Management.

The six-week programme has been detailed below, with a certificate in closing.

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Interviews

  • The interview and what we want from it
  • Structured interviews
  • Unstructured interviews
  • Alternates to interviews: tests and assessment centres
  • Panels, boards, telephone, and virtual interviews
  • Assessment

Week 3: Leadership & Decision-Making

  • Autocratic vs. Democratic leader
  • The components of choice
  • Expected utility theory
  • How do we make choices
  • How to improve decision-making
  • Assessment

Week 4: Performance Management

  • Performance Management Cycle
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Ways to evaluate individual performance
  • How to design a performance management system
  • Assessment

Week 5: Pay as Motivator

  • Pay and employee motivation
  • Just how important is pay as a motivator
  • Paying for performance
  • Pay to attract and pay to retain
  • Impact of individual and situational characteristics
  • Assessment

Week 6: Managing Conflict at Work

  • Nature and cause of conflict at work
  • Managing conflict at work
  • Organisational culture and knowledge
  • Team-level and individual level
  • Assessment

Sources:  Coursera, University of London

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