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Michael Bear

Required Reading

I am a self-confessed bookworm. To me, the wonder of reading is it engenders a type of mind-reading. It embroiders empathy in the reader; that act of peering through a velvet veil into another's world.

Michael Bear

Thoughts on Well-being

Lately, I have been reflecting on well-being in the workplace for my studies.  Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) as "[1] general health and happiness, or [2] emotional/physical/psychological well-being", its implications are sprawling and not limited to workplace factors.  The makeup of well-being is multi-layered. There appear...

Michael Bear

An Overview of Human Resources

The term 'human resources' was first coined by the economist John R. Commons in The Distribution of Wealth (1893). As a recognisable function of the working world, it was not until the 20th century that Human Resources (HR) developed practices to address misunderstandings between employers and employees. Over time, practices...

Michael Bear

Lying Flat: Fad or Fact

The idiom 'Lying Flat' (Huazhong 2021) has come to represent a rejection of perceived professional demand and societal expectation in exchange for a leisurely, nonmaterialistic lifestyle. We are extending to forgoing marriage, having no children, remaining unemployed, and shunning traditional milestones, i.e., buying a house or owning a car....

Michael Bear

History of the Working Week

Effective August 2022, full-time employees' weekly average working hours in the UK was 36.5 hours.  For comparison, the lowest recorded was 30.3 in 2020 during the pandemic, and the highest was 38.8 in 1997.  This data uses a five-day workweek as a fact, but how did we...

Michael Bear

Imaginative CVs: Fraud or Padding

In August 2022, the Supreme Court ruled Jon Andrewes was required to pay back £97,000 of the £643,000 he unlawfully received as an NHS Chief Executive Officer.  This came in response to an appeal made to a previous court ruling (June 2022) stating Mr Andrewes made misleading and...

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