While searching for HR news on Reddit in late 2017, I soon realised nothing existed that was dedicated to professionals in the UK human resources space.  r/humanresources actively catered to a largely US audience, with content reflective of its US membership.  This landscape made seeking UK-specific talking points, with Reddit's signature approach to conversation, a challenge.

I created r/HumanResourcesUK to meet this challenge.

This was not a commercial idea.  The goal was to create a virtual panoply other HR professionals in the UK could gather to discover new ideas and resources.  A space intended to flourish organically with the collective wisdom and experience of many UK HR minds.

The strategy was a success.

Today r/HumanResourcesUK has over 1,500 members, with contemporary topics and active discussion threads covering all areas of UK HR.  Moderation is kept to a minimum with the only major rule being no promotion or advertisement of commercial HRIS software.  Members can also flag posts they do not feel belong in the community.

Why not visit r/HumanResourcesUK and see what is going on in the world of UK HR?

r/HumanResourcesUK: Welcome, fellow UK HR folk. We have created this subreddit as a community for HR professionals and students in the UK. Whether …
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