Experienced team leader with a strong background in managing day-to-day activities and providing guidance to team members.  My duties included setting targets, implementing guidelines, and assisting with employee relations.  I also ensured the team understood the strategic objectives, worked collaboratively, and had the required resources.  Additionally, I implemented regular SMART goals and training to ensure milestones were specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.  My other vital responsibilities included liaising with internal and external stakeholders, providing leadership, and maintaining team records.  My team strategy, coaching, technical, and people management skills were honed over time.

Year 1 ~ 2010

  • Started as a Telephone Customer Care Agent in customer retention.
  • Exceeded KPIs for sales, retention rates, and engagement consistently.
  • Became an expert user of proprietary CRM to manage B2C accounts.

Year 2 ~ 2011

  • Promoted to Staff Training Team Leader to train new starters.
  • Managed new starter teams of 10-15 employees.
  • Led 1-to-1 employee feedback meetings and further development.
  • Monitored and assigned learning development of employees.
  • Authorised holiday requests and managed employee absence.
  • Coached a total of +100 employees during tenure.

Year 3 ~ 2012

  • Promoted to Customer Care Team Manager of 20-30 employees.
  • Led recruitment and selection of new candidates.
  • Validated payroll files for the team and final BACS execution.
  • Led morning team meetings to reinforce past successes.
  • Monitored team output for policy and procedure breaches.
  • Became forum admin for team intranet group.
  • Formalised management learnings with Emerging Leaders Certification.
  • Managed a total of +150 employees across five teams during tenure.

Year 4 ~ 2013/14

  • Contributed to the development of complex performance spreadsheets.
  • Led 20 formal meetings with employees across the company.
  • Consulted HR on potential outcomes following meeting adjournments.
  • Authorised four dismissals, nine verbal warnings, and seven written.
  • Co-managed a team of 60 employees for a new product launch.
  • Assisted with the overhaul of onboarding and training processes.
  • Attended five job fairs to interview and select new candidates.
  • Participated in conference calls to discuss performance metrics.
  • Developed professional interest in HRM as a career path.
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