One of my favourite subjects at comprehensive school was English Literature.  I fondly think back to those lessons.  The assigned reading, the bookish tutor, roundtable discussions, autumn mornings, burning the midnight oil.  It was a magical, fleeting time.  What is said and unsaid, the meaning and intention.  Endlessly fascinating thought experiments.

This skill dovetails nicely with the Human Resources Professional (HRP).  The schools of thought that overlap HRM practices are legion.  Everything from psychology, law, sociology, politics, technology, business, ethics, finance, management, etc., is practical, relevant, and insightful.

There is no tangible 'something' that guarantees perfect understanding.  Perfection is fiction, and human subjectivity is fluid.  But the one mantra I have always found helpful in matters of people is this: to be understood is good, but to be heard is better.

Please find cited below the books and publications I have found instructive.



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