I plan to publish experience-driven resources for fellow HR Professionals within my' Resources' section. Some of this content will be free to access, while other content - such as videos which take significant time to produce - will be available for a low-cost subscription.

Excel Templates & Tutorials

While Excel will never replace an HRIS solution, it is an essential tool for analysing and amalgamating data from multiple sources. For smaller businesses without an HRIS, Excel can also serve as a rota scheduling tool, absence tracker and much more.

Policy Guides

Employment is a continually evolving and changing area of law, and as HR Professionals, we must keep abreast of these changes and transformations. I intend to publish a series of policy guides to digest and manifest official documentation into easier-to-understand formats. While these guides should not be viewed as a replacement for the official documentation, they will hopefully serve as a helpful resource when relaying information to stakeholders not within the HR discipline.


Sometimes, it's easier to see a walkthrough of how to do something. I intend to record screencast tutorials on approaching specific HR tasks, such as piecing together evidence for a disciplinary investigation.

Open to Ideas

Of course, this site is a resource for you - the HR community. Please let me know via the contact form if there is anything you would like me to cover in a tutorial or produce a resource to help with.

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